Based in New Delhi, offering unparalleled, unique and personalized bilingual, bicultural services in all aspects of Indo-Japanese business and cultural relations.

Our clients to date include:
  - Delphys Inc. (a Japanese advertising company)
  - Maruti Udyog Limited (a joint venture of Suzuki Motor Corporation)
  - Toyota Motor Corporation
  - JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  - Kashi Udyog (an Indian tea company)

Last update: 28th April 2012

Contribute to the strengthening of Indo- Japanese relations by promoting various interactions between the two countries.

Business Support
  • Representation of companies
  • Search and introduction of potential partners
  • Lectures, information support etc

With the former Japanese Prime Minister
With the former Japanese Prime Minister

Communications Support
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • English and Japanese language teaching
Cultural Relations
  • Seminars and Lectures (Origami etc.)

Basically, the activity shall be operated from Delhi. However, requests for long or short- term visit based support (in Japan or elsewhere in India) shall also be accommodated where possible.

The overall fee structure shall be so designed that it is cost effective and yet acts as an incentive for the participants (providers of the services) to be fully enthusiastic about timely and effective completion of activities. Thus, as long as the activities support the overall aim of strengthening Indo-Japanese relations, profitability shall not be overly emphasized.

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